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  • Still Awaiting Court Dates, Migrants Suffer the...

    When asylum seekers arrive in the United States, so long as they are not rapidly deported or expelled, the government is generally supposed to issue them a “Notice to Appear” (NTA). This charging document formally begins the immigration court process. But a new report from NBC News indicates […]

  • Who Is in ICE Detention Right Now? New Data...

    Recently published data from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) provides insight into who ICE is detaining and for how long. The results show that the majority of noncitizens are being held in the rural South, and many are subject to fast-track removal proceedings. But still, many […]

  • Resounding Victory in a Data Case Against ICE

    On January 26, the Second Circuit ruled against U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in a case that has broad implications for the public’s access to data held in immigration agency databases. The case stems from an ACLU Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The request asked for […]

  • Amid a Severe Shortage of Home Health Aides,...

    The United States will need to fill nearly three-quarters of a million open jobs for home health and personal care aides every year through 2031. Currently, immigrant workers fill these jobs in outsized numbers. Without more workers joining the workforce, the drastic shortage of aides could leave […]

  • USCIS Faces New Class Action Lawsuit for its...

    Many families in the United States live in a frightening limbo when processing delays prevent one family member from becoming a lawful permanent resident.  A lawsuit was recently filed against U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on behalf of 248 people, and a class of tens of […]

  • Immigrant Workers Who Report Labor Violations...

    Immigrant workers who are the victims of labor exploitation are often faced with a difficult choice. They can either stay quiet out of fear of deportation or come forward to report coercive conduct. Looming over that choice is the possibility that the employer may retaliate by calling U.S. […]

  • USCIS’ Funding Crisis Might Be Too Big for the...

    On January 3, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) finally published a new proposed fee schedule for immigration benefits—which is to say, it took an important step to becoming a solvent, functional federal agency that can adjudicate applications in a timely manner again. The fee […]

  • DHS Fails to Address Concerns about CBP One as...

    On January 5, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced new measures to process people seeking asylum at ports of entry on the U.S.-Mexico border who are asking to be exempt from Title 42 on humanitarian grounds. Following the announcement, details emerged about how the agency plans […]

  • What’s Next for Title 42? The Policy Still Has...

    Weeks after Title 42 was ordered to end in December 2022, the supposed “public health” policy is still effectively closing the border to many asylum seekers after an eleventh-hour order from the Supreme Court kept it alive. And as the Trump-era policy inches closer to its third anniversary, the […]

  • Title 42’s End May Be in Sight. Good Riddance.

    More than two and a half years after it began, the “public health” policy known as Title 42 may finally be nearing an end. On Monday, a coalition of GOP-led states submitted a last-ditch request to the Supreme Court asking the Justices to halt a court order from a federal judge in Washington, […]

  • The Queens Night Market Is a Testament to the...

    Written by John Wang, author and founder of the Queens Night Market The singular mission of the Queens Night Market is to be New York City’s most affordable, diverse, and welcoming community space. That mission has been the north star of every organizational decision we’ve made since we […]

  • USCIS’ 2022 Progress Report Shows Promise, But...

    From the displacement following the Russian invasion of Ukraine to migrant bussing across the United States, the immigration field has faced unique challenges this year while continuing to manage the ongoing COVID pandemic, backlog for legal immigration and asylum cases, and more. Last week, U.S. […]

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