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Getting Credit Card After Bankruptcy

Are Credit Cards After Bankruptcy Possible?


Yes! Bankruptcy is not the end of credit. In fact, many people who file for bankruptcy enjoy new opportunities for credit shortly after the bankruptcy is concluded.


Getting a credit card after bankruptcy can be so much easier than you think. Many people who file for bankruptcy are given many credit card offers within a month after their discharge. Credit card companies know that you can only file for bankruptcy once every several years, so they want your business.


It is important to meticulously research and explore the credit card options available to you. You can expect high interest rates, but some credit cards have more favorable terms than others.  Of course, you must be cautious when accepting new lines of credit after filing for bankruptcy. Careful use of a credit card can go a long way to improving your credit. It may be helpful to use a credit card only for gas, food and other essential purchases to get your credit score moving in the right path.


Here are some tips on how to obtain credit cards after bankruptcy discharge:


  • Accept a pre-approved credit card offer
  • Know the terms
  • Contact your bank or credit union.
  • Get a secured credit card.
  • Get a co-signor


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