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  • Dispelling the Myth: How Undocumented Immigrants...

    As Tax Day approaches, it is important to acknowledge the tax contributions made by immigrants—even those who are undocumented. These contributions play a vital role in the funding and sustainability of America’s public services and programs. Immigrants’ Tax Contributions Undocumented […]

  • A Florida Court Blocks ‘Parole + ATD’ Program...

    On March 8, a Florida court blocked the Biden administration from using a key border program referred to as Parole plus Alternative to Detention (Parole + ATD). The court’s decision vacated the policy as unlawful. While the written order includes commentary on a wide range of border-related […]

  • Immigration Agencies Violate FOIA, Harming...

    Immigration agencies have a problem with transparency. With an immigration system as complex as ours and Freedom of Information Act offices that are chronically underfunded, it’s no surprise that immigration agencies violate FOIA—a statute created to strengthen our democracy by helping regular […]

  • Three Years of Title 42

    In March 2020, the world came to an unfamiliar halt. The COVID-19 pandemic was no longer a looming and distant concern. Events rapidly fell off calendars, schools shuttered, and those who could sheltered in place. Our hopes that the impact of the pandemic would be short lived were shattered with […]

  • Ukrainians Get a Temporary Reprieve Instead of a...

    The Biden administration announced on Monday that it would grant another year of temporary legal status for some Ukrainians who fled the Russian invasion for the United States before April 25, when the Biden administration rolled out the Uniting for Ukraine program. The extension fixes an obvious […]

  • States Lead the Way in Banning Immigration...

    State governments are leading the way on eliminating a blemish from their communities—immigration detention centers. As some state governments begin their legislative sessions, bills attempting to ban certain immigration detention centers have been introduced in multiple states. Following the […]

  • Florida Has Everything to Lose If It Repeals...

    Undocumented students, like millions of other students in the United States, have the ambition to succeed. College opportunities are often priceless for these students. And though a degree can mean many things—like financial security and greater opportunities—a college diploma signifies […]

  • 6 Firsthand Stories That Reveal the Problem with...

    Written by Atenas Burrola, Pro Bono Manager and Crystal Massey, National Pro Bono Coordinator for the Afghan Project at the American Immigration Council The Biden administration is reportedly considering reopening family detention. This is horrific news—news that left us in tears. Between the two […]

  • This Is Pretty Simple, Mr. President: Don’t...

    The Biden administration is reportedly planning to detain large numbers of immigrant families again this spring. This is part of the administration’s plan to replace Title 42 with a new policy that will make it very difficult for the majority of migrants crossing the border to qualify for asylum […]

  • Florida Doubles Down with New Law Designed to...

    Florida made headlines last year as it passed a law allowing Governor Ron DeSantis to spend up to 12 million dollars to transport migrants out of Florida. DeSantis used over $1 million of that funding to fly 50 unwitting migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard and plan a second flight to […]

  • CBP One Is Riddled With Flaws That Make the App...

    In January and February of this year, the Biden administration announced new policies to process individuals seeking asylum at ports of entry at the U.S.-Mexico border. A key component of these new policies is the increased use of the CBP One app. CBP One allows certain people to submit their […]

  • Biden Wants to End Exploitation of Migrant...

    The New York Times has published a horrifying investigation into the exploitation of children who migrated to the United States as unaccompanied minors. The investigation by Hannah Dreier finds these children pressed into labor in every state in the U.S., in violation of labor law and often in […]

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