August 2015 Visa News

August 2015 Visa News

The priority dates for most Family Based Preferences moved forward by at least one week in the August 2015 Visa Bulletin released by the US State Department.  However, the First and Third Preference categories did not move from July 2015.

In the Employment Based Preferences, the priority date for the Third Preference (skilled workers and professionals) and Third Preference Unskilled Workers becomes available for August 2015 from being Unavailable in July 2015. All the other categories in the Employment-Based Petitions remained current.

The August 2015 Visa Bulletin follows.

August 2015 State Department Visa Bulletin.

The Department of State will be processing the following petitions with priority dates earlier than indicated below.

Family Based Preferences:

1.  First Preference — Unmarried Sons and Daughters of Citizens        Mar 15, 2000

(This preference did not change from last month)

2.  Second Preference:

a. Spouses and Minor Children of Permanent Residents                             Dec. 15, 2013

(This category advanced by five weeks)

b. Unmarried Sons and Daughters 21 years and over of

Lawful Permanent Residents                                                        May 22, 2004

(This Preference advanced by one week since last month)

3.  Third Preference – Married Sons and Daughters of Citizens              Aug. 22, 1993

(This Preference did not advance from last month)

4.  Fourth Preference – Brothers and Sisters of Adult Citizens               Jan 15, 1992

(This Preference advanced five weeks since last month)


B. Employment Based Preferences:

1.  First Preference – Priority Workers                                                     Current

2.  Second Preference – Advanced Degree Professionals                           Current

3.  Third Preference – Skilled Workers & Professionals                             June 1, 2004

(This preference progressed from last month’s Unavailable)

Unskilled – Other Workers                                                                 June 1, 2004

This preference progressed from last month’s Unavailable)

Please note that for the month of August 2015, Employment Based Third Preference visa (professionals and skilled workers) is available for the Philippine nationals with approved labor certifications or I-140 petitions with priority dates earlier than June 1, 2004.  For Schedule A nurses and physical therapist, immigrant visa is also available for August 2015, if they have an approved I-140 petition with priority dates earlier than  June 1, 2004.

Third Preference visas for Unskilled Workers such as caregivers, nursing assistants and nannies are available for those Philippine Nationals with approved labor certifications dated earlier than June 1, 2004 for the month of August 2015.

Note:   This is not a legal advice.

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