Can I travel outside the US and come back with expired green card?

By Atty. Crispin Caday Lozano


Many people want to travel outside the U.S only to find out that their green card expired.   If you are in this situation you need to renew your green card and make an appointment with USCIS Contact Center to make an appointment to have your foreign passport stamp allowing you to travel outside the U.S.

The stamp in your passport will have an expiration date on it, which is usually six months from when it was placed there. As long as the expiration date hasn’t passed, and won’t pass while you are away from the U.S., you are free to travel.

Here are a couple of other useful precautions: Check the expiration date on your passport itself. If your passport will expire while you’re away, get a new one. But make sure you don’t have to give the old one up. You will need to carry both the old and new passport with you, since the old one has your permanent residence stamp.

Also, leave a photocopy of your passport and permanent residence stamp with someone who will be in the U.S. while you are away, in case your passport gets stolen or lost. (If it is, you’ll need to get a new one, then go to the nearest U.S. consulate to get a new permanent residence stamp for U.S. entry. Having a fax copy  of your permanent residence stamp will help enormously.)

One last thing to remember: You shouldn’t stay outside the U.S. for more than six months, or do anything else to indicate that your true intent is to live outside the United States. People can lose their permanent residence by “abandoning” it.

Note:  This is not a legal advice.


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