Effect of Domestic Violence on Naturalization


New Regulation will make it easier to immigrate

The Biden Administration will release a regulation by December 2022, making it easier to immigrate for people who have taken public benefits.   The public charge under Trump era will be revised significantly.

N-400 Application for Naturalization

The USCIS  is now giving priorities to application for naturalization .  The reason is obviously to allow qualified immigrants to vote in the coming midterm and presidential election.  There are cases when the waiting time is only six months compared to prior years.  Pres. Biden is encouraging all qualified to file for naturalization.  This is a rare opportunity that all qualified should take advantage of.  

DACA reinstated

Pres. Biden reiterated to renew the DACA processing as of August 31, 2022

Arrest and removal of undocumented is now up to the discretion of ICE officer

US Supreme Court did not allow Pres. Biden to overturn the immigration policy of Trump with regards to priority in arrest and removal.  With increasing migrants at the border White House is now requiring ICE to deport more migrants under political pressure.   It is now a decision to be made by the ICE officer which could include arrest of anyone who is undocumented.  It is time to work on your green card now.

Effect of Domestic Violence on Naturalization

A conviction of Domestic Violence will make you deportable and inadmissible.  If you travel outside the U.S.  you will be sent to second interview at the port of entry because that will trigger on your green card.  In order to avoid this situation, you should consult with an immigration attorney to analyze your case of Domestic Violence.  There are requirements for the conviction to be deportable.  These requirements are: 1) the crime has a potential sentence of one year or more 2) the crime was committed within five years after date of admission.  Based on this requirements, whenever you have encounter with the police or the USCIS agents, you may be sent to Removal Proceedings.  There is a way to avoid this situation and that is to consult with an immigration attorney if you can naturalize.  An attorney can analyze your case and argue that the crime is a first offense exception or that the potential sentence was not for one year or more or argue that the crime happened after five years of your admission to the U.S.

If you are convicted of two or more domestic Violence or other crime involving moral turpitude, then consult with an immigration attorney if you can avail of the exception and arguments specified above. If you qualify for the exception, you may be able to naturalize. 

Note:       This is not a legal advice and presented for information purposes only.  If you have immigration problems the Law Offices of Crispin C. Lozano can help you find a solution before your problem gets worse which could lead to deportation and family separation. 

Bankruptcy Basics (We do Chapter 7 Bankruptcy)

  1. Bankruptcy will actually improve your credit within one year because your unsecured debts are discharged.  Although the bankruptcy will be in your records for 10 years, not filing bankruptcy will make your credit even worse until most your debts are paid.
  2. If you are being sued by your creditors, most money judgment can be eliminated in bankruptcy.
  3. Collection actions continue and you can be sued if you are in debt settlement.
  4. Chapter 7 will eliminate all unsecured debts.  If you are near retirement age, you must eliminate most of your debts.


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For the month of September 2022, we received approval from USCIS four naturalization applications, two  Fiancée visa petition,  two removals of condition on residence and two adjustment of status applications.

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