Fewer U.S. Visas are being granted under Trump Administration

By Atty. Crispin Caday Lozano

The policy of the Trump administration is to reduce immigrant and non immigrant visas worldwide.  As can be observed, fewer visitors visas are being issued in the Philippines.  If you are applying for visitor’s visa in the U.S. Consulate, make sure that your application is supported by documents showing you have a legitimate reason to travel to the U.S.  This travel could be business or pleasure.  For business travel there should be documents to show your business purpose and connection to the U.S. company.  For pleasure travel you should show documents that you can support your travel for pleasure including your itinerary for places to visit.  In all cases the most important question to answer is ” How can the consul be assured that you will return to the Philippines when your trip is completed?”  If you can show proof that there are business in the Philippines that you need to attend to, or you have an employment you need to continue then your chances are better.

Renewal of visitor’s visa is also a problem this days.  There were more denials of U.S. visa renewals.  If you are renewing your U.S. visa you should prepare to present documents that a renewal is warranted or you will face a possible denial.  Approval of H-1B visas are also encountering reduction.  For issuance of immigrant visa, there are policies in place where they can deny your visa on public charge ground under the old law.

The United States is granting fewer visitor visas to people from around the world — not just Muslims — as President Donald Trump ratchets up his anti-immigration rhetoric.

By one measure, the U.S. granted 13 percent fewer visitor visas over the past 12 months when compared with fiscal year 2016, according to State Department data.  This number continue to increase over the succeeding year.

Among other measures that the Trump administration is considering is for illegal immigrants to purchase their own health insurance.   As a follow up on this policy, there were reports of numerous ICE and Border patrol agents visiting hospitals monitoring illegal aliens.  Based on a study by the Center for Immigration Studies, there are about 4.9 million uninsured undocumented immigrants who would seek federal assistance.  This Federal assistance could cost between $10 to 23 Billion annually.

If you have problems with regards to your application for visa, it will be an advantage to consult with an immigration attorney to help you.

Note:  This is not a legal advice.  You should consult with an immigration lawyer about their specific situation.


  1. For the month of October 2019, we received five naturalization application approvals and two renewal of green card and one DACA approval.
  2. For the month of September 2019, we received approval of two naturalization applications, one adjustment of status and one application to remove condition on residence.
  3. For the month of August, 2019, we received approval from Immigration Court for a waiver of misrepresentation for a client who has committed marriage fraud. We also received approval from USCIS of two naturalization applications and two fiancé visa petition.
  4. For the month of July 2019, we received approvals of three N-400 application for Naturalization, one I-751 Petition to remove condition of residence with interview and two I-90 renewal of green card.
  5. For June 2019, we received approvals of four adjustment of status, six naturalization applications and two certificate of citizenship applications, and one Removal of condition on resident.
  6. On May 6, 2019, we received approvals of three adjustment of status applications and two Naturalization applications.
  7. On April 24, 2019, we received approval from USCIS for three naturalization applications and one adjustment of status.
  8. On March 29, 2019, we received an approval of adjustment of status for a client whose petitioner and primary beneficiary has died under INA 204(l)
  9. On March 28, 2019, we received an approval of renewal of green card for a client who was in the Philippines under medical treatment for one and a half years.
  10. From March 4 to 26, 2019, we received six adjustment of status approvals.
  11. For the month of February, 2019, we received tow approvals of renewal of green card and one approval of removal of condition on residence.
  12. On January 16, 2019, we received an approval of naturalization for a client who received a waiver of misrepresentation in Immigration Court.

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