Green Card Approved after Twelve Years

“My name is Rhonda Galang (name changed)  and  I  am  very  thankful  Atty. Crispin  C.  Lozano,  for  helping  me  obtain  a  permanent  residence  after  twelve years  of  waiting.    I  entered  the  United States  on  March  26,  2000  on  a  tourist visa.  At the time of my entry, I was married to Val, my first spouse.  While in the United States, I met Ed, a US citizen.  Ed proposed marriage to me and because I also fell in love with him, I  accepted the proposal.    Without  consulting  an  attorney, I decided on my own to marry Ed without terminating my marriage to Val.

Ed filed a petition for my permanent residency. I was very hesitant to file the adjustment of status application because I have not terminated my prior marriage. Although the  petition was filed, I did not pursue with my application to adjust status.  Ultimately Ed and I ended up parting our ways due to irreconcilable differences.

Several years passed and I met Ben a co-worker.  We fell in love with each other. On February 2009, my first husband died in the Philippines.   Thereafter, Ben proposed marriage and since my first husband is already dead, I accepted his proposal.

We got married on July 04, 2009.  In 2011, I consulted Atty. Crispin C. Lozano about my case.  Because of my prior problems on immigration matters, I was at first very hesitant to file my green card application.   Atty. Lozano and I went through all the angles of my case and he advised me of my rights and the possibilities if my case is denied.  He walked me thru all the steps necessary from filing petition to interview.   He prepared my application for permanent  residence  and  he  personally went with us to the USCIS interview.  He thoroughly  prepared  us  on  what  to  expect during the interview and what problems  we  may  encounter.  After  presenting my case to the officer I was granted permanent  residence  on  October  2012.

Again  I  want  to  thank  Atty.  Crispin C.  Lozano  for  the  support  and  hard work  he  did  for  my  dream  come  true.”


Rhonda Galang

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