Marriage fraud interview is becoming common in marriage cases

Marriage fraud interview is becoming common in marriage cases

It is now becoming a standard procedure to have a marriage fraud interview if you filed a petition for your spouse.   Any petition for a spouse or children based on marriage to a U.S. citizen is a candidate for marriage fraud interview.  Once an application for adjustment of status based on marriage to a U.S. citizen is submitted, the USCIS will immediately send an investigator to the address given by the applicant to verify that the spouses are living together. If they are not living together they become suspect for marriage fraud.  In addition the following may trigger suspicion of fraud:

  1. Applicants and petitioner have different address.
  2. Applicant and petitioner are of different race or national origin and do not speak the same language.
  3. There is a wide gap in age between the applicant and petitioner.
  4. There is a difference in the cultural and religious background.
  5. There is a wide disparity in educational level between petitioner and applicant.
  6. The application lack documents that prove good faith marriage.
  7. The application contains some inconsistencies.
  8. The application presents grounds for suspicion.

Question:        When do marriage fraud interview usually happen?

Answer:          Marriage fraud interview can happen on any of the following situation:

  1. Interview by USCIS on the first notice for interview.
  2. Interview by the Consular officer in the home country of the applicant.
  3. Second notice for interview by USCIS or Consulate Officer.
  4. Interview by USCIS when applicant applies for removal of condition on residence under Form I-751.

Question:        What usually happen during the fraud interview?

Answer:          During the fraud interview the USCIS officer will interview the petitioner and applicant separately with identical questions.  If the Officer found out that the marriage was not in good faith based on the interview the petition and the adjustment of status will be denied.  If denied, the applicant will be referred to the Immigration Court for removal proceedings.

Question:        What are the chances that good faith marriage will become a suspect for marriage fraud?

Answer:          The USCIS Officer will always think that a marriage is suspect unless proven otherwise.  Even good faith marriage underwent marriage fraud interview for some reasons.  It is always advisable to consult with an immigration attorney who can analyze your situation and prepare you for the interview of a lifetime.

Note:   This is not a legal advice.  You should consult with an immigration attorney about your specific situation.

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