Lorenzo Salvilla

Lorenzo Salvilla got his Green Card despite 14 years age difference

Lorenzo Salvilla married his U.S. citizen spouse, Florencia in 2009.  Florencia is 14 years older than Lorenzo.  She underwent a surgery three weeks prior to their scheduled interview.  She experienced some memory loss as a side effect of the anesthesia.  Her memory loss caused several inconsistencies when they were separately interviewed.  As a result, the I-130 petition and I-485 application were denied.

Atty. Lozano re-filed a new I-130 petition and I-485 application with more proof of good faith marriage attached to the petition.  Atty. Lozano worked hard during the progress of the case and the couple were called twice for an interview.  With the constant encouragement and zealous representation by Atty. Lozano, Mr. Lorenzo Salvilla was granted a Lawful Permanent Resident on 2011 without being placed in Removal Proceedings.

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