About Bankruptcy


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is essentially asset liquidation. Commonly referred to as “straightforward Bankruptcy,” in this kind of Bankruptcy the debtor does not set up a plan to pay creditors. The debts are simply eliminated (with some exceptions), and if the debtor owns anything that is not protected, it will be sold for the benefit of the creditors. In most consumer cases, everything is protected and the debtor does not lose any property. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is ideal for people without significant assets who have hit a bump in the road and want to obtain a fresh start.


What Kind of Debts can Chapter 7 Eliminate?


  • Credit Card Debt
  • Medical Bills
  • Garnishment
  • Unsecured Loans
  • Lines of Credit
  • Foreclosure Deficiencies
  • Repossession Deficiencies
  • Most Judgments
  • Some Taxes


How Long Does a Chapter 7 Take?


Approximately 4 weeks after our office files your petition, you will be scheduled to attend a short meeting called a “341 Meeting” or “Meeting of Creditors.” At this meeting you will be asked questions by the Trustee assigned to your case, under penalty of perjury, about your financial situation and if you have disclosed all your assets and liabilities in the schedules filed in the court. Lozano Law Office will prepare you for this 341 Meeting and go with you in the meeting.


Approximately 2 months after the 341 meeting, the court should issue a Discharge Order that will eliminate your dischargeable debts should there be no objections from your creditors and trustee.


With the help of Attorney Crispin Lozano, in just a short period of time you may be able to eliminate unsecured debts and get tax debt relief, and be on the way to a more secure financial future.


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