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Why Do You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney?


Legally, it is not mandatory to hire a bankruptcy lawyer if you will be filing either Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Although it is possible to file bankruptcy without a lawyer, it is not recommended.


Bankruptcy law is very complex.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy is even more complicated and most likely cannot be done by someone without the knowledge and expertise of a bankruptcy attorney. A bankruptcy attorney will save you countless hours of worrying and frustration.  In general, your chances of a smoother, successful filing are increased if you hire an attorney.


Chapter 13 Filings – An Attorney Is Crucial


While ordinary people can sometimes handle a very simple Chapter 7 case on their own, without an attorney, the average person who is not an attorney probably cannot handle a Chapter 13 case pro se (someone who represents themselves in a legal procedure without the aid of an attorney). These cases require careful attention to detail in drafting a debt repayment plan, negotiating with creditors and with the Chapter 13 trustee’s office, and can get complicated along the way. If paperwork is not filed correctly, a filing can be dismissed and another bankruptcy won’t be able to be filed for a specified amount of time.


If you own a home or other very valuable property, it’s a very bad idea to represent yourself in a bankruptcy case under any chapter. You might save a couple of thousand dollars in attorney’s fees only to learn that you’ve made a mistake that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.


How a Lawyer Can Help With Your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


A bankruptcy attorney does more than simply file paperwork. A lawyer can:


  • Offer protection from creditors.
    While an automatic stay goes into effect when you file bankruptcy, creditors may challenge a bankruptcy petition. When this happens, you need an attorney who is a skilled negotiator, as well as a motivated litigator to protect your rights.
  • Help you understand all available facts.
    Bankruptcy laws are complex. Even if you think your case is straightforward, there may be factors you do not know about.
  • Give you peace of mind.
    A bankruptcy attorney will answer all your questions, represent you at any hearings and stand by your side throughout your case.


Bankruptcy Guidance from an Experienced Law Firm


With Lozano Law Offices, your bankruptcy is in good hands. We will provide trusted advice, walk you through the process and help enforce your rights. Don’t make the mistake of trying to represent yourself. Do not put your home, car or other assets at risk. Trust Attorney Crispin Lozano to handle your bankruptcy case with professionalism, punctuality and an emphasis on personal attention.  He has detailed understanding of bankruptcy laws and will work hard to help you make a fresh financial start.


Call us at (510) 538-7188 or contact us online for a free initial consultation.  Attorney Crispin Lozano is an experienced bankruptcy lawyer and will assist you in deciding which chapter of bankruptcy is right for you. Attorney Lozano will walk you through every step of the bankruptcy process.

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