Why Hire Us?

Attorney Crispin Lozano can assist in filing out the, often confusing, citizenship application forms. Failure to properly complete the application form could result in immigration officials believing that you misrepresented or lied to them. However, the naturalization application process consists of more than just filing the forms. Some applicants do not realize that not only do they not possess the good moral character required of naturalization & citizenship applicants and, by filing the application for citizenship, they will place themselves in danger of being deported and/or losing their green card.


At Lozano Law Offices, we will interview client thoroughly prior to preparation of the naturalization application package in order to minimize the chances that our client will either be found to not possess good moral character or be deemed deportable or lose their green card. Further, we will accompany our clients to their citizenship interview and address any issues that may arise concerning residency, physical presence, or moral character.


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