You must disclose all your children during naturalization

By Atty. Chris Caday Lozano

Many clients are asking me if they must disclose their illegitimate children during naturalization process.  The answer is clearly yes.  Naturalization has a high standard for honesty in your application.  You can be denied if they found out that you are not telling the truth.  You may be charged with misrepresentation of material fact that may result in removal proceedings.   If you plan to file for an immigrant visa for your illegitimate children, you will find it very hard to justify why their names are not disclosed in your naturalization application.  Disclosing their names should have been made at the first instance that you file for your green card.  Your last chance to disclose them is during naturalization application. 

When filing a petition for illegitimate children, the most important document is the birth certificate of the child.  Is your name in the birth certificate of the child as one of the parent.   Then you must also prove a parent child relationship.  This include providing support for the child such as money remittance and providing for housing, medical and school need.  If you do not have all these information, you should consult an immigration attorney to help you.  There is a possibility that the immigration officer may require a DNA test to prove relationship for a father. 

Aside from disclosing all your children, when applying for naturalization, the Immigration Officer will ask you how you got your green card.  If through marriage, be ready to prove good faith marriage.  If you were involved in a crime, you must consult an immigration attorney to help you.  If you travel outside the United States for more than 180 days, if you are delinquent on your income tax, or if you failed to pay child support, these issues will need to be addressed before you file for naturalization.

So that you will not have a problem when applying for naturalization, you should consult with an immigration attorney to avoid possible problem along the way.

Note:  This is not a legal advice

Immigration News

The DHS issued a new guideline for the arrest and deportation of undocumented immigrants.  The guidelines focused on national security. crimes and border security as the government priority.

Bankruptcy Basics

  • Bankruptcy will actually improve your credit within one year because your unsecured debts are discharged.  Although the bankruptcy will be in your records for 10 years, not filing bankruptcy will make your credit even worse until most your debts are paid.
  • If you are being sued by your creditors, most money judgment can be eliminated in bankruptcy.
  • Collection actions continue and you can be sued if you are in debt settlement.
  • Chapter 7 will eliminate all unsecured debts.  If you are near retirement age, you must
  •    eliminate most of your debts.

Philippine Election results

The election result is very doubtful because there are various acts that are not transparent with regards to the reporting of votes.  Comelec will have to explain why the rush in reporting results.  Some provinces were already reported even when some provincial canvass has not been approved.  We will not grow as a nation if we cannot defend our votes. We cannot defend our country if we cannot defend ourselves. We have a very low dignity as a nation. Every Filipinos will suffer for the actions of the few.  God bless us all!

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